Fireside Gathering

Con Before the Storm invites you to join our Fireside Gathering hosted by Innkeeper Bytes at the Hilton Anaheim 4th floor lobby! This is an Official Blizzard Sanctioned Fireside Gathering!


There will be:

  1. Casual play

  2. Special Fireside Brawls

  3. Mini-Deckbuilding Tournament Pods

  4. And more!

The Fireside will be from 6pm - 10pm PT on the

4th Floor of the Anaheim Hilton!


Hosted By...


Innkeeper Bytes

One of the best innkeepers to have ever walked the earth!

He puts the RAD in Hearthstone Fireside me it's in there

Lord of the gathe....RINGS


Frequently asked questions

Is the CBTS Fireside Gathering Free?

The CBTS Fireside is a FREE event, and open to players of all skill levels.

Will there be prizes?

We’ll have prizes to give away! Participating in the Fireside Brawl while at this event will also unlock the Nemsey Warlock hero portrait.

Where and When is the Event?

The Fireside gathering will be from 6pm - 10pm PT on the 4th floor of the Hilton Anaheim!

How will we connect to the internet?

Be sure to bring your own data-connected device, as there may not be wifi available. This event requires you to bring your own device that can connect to LTE or Data. The organizer is unable to supply wireless access to attendees, and the hotel access is typically restricted to guests.

I've heard there are sometimes issues with large Firesides?

Larger Fireside Gatherings may sometimes experience issues with Brawl challenges, finding opponents, or connecting to Fireside Brawl. Onsite staff takes no responsibility for issues with unlocking Nemsey or connecting to the Fireside Gathering. But we will be there to assist in everyone having a great time and we hope no issues are reported!