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We are sad to announce we will not be having a live CBTS event at Blizzcon 2023. Unfortunately there were too many logistical obstacles to overcome. We have exhausted our resources before coming to this decision.

We had several folks reach out offering to volunteer and we appreciate that, and volunteers was never an issue to executing this fan focused event and thats because of the awesome community.  

We will look into what we can do potentially virtually in 2023, and will look toward future years as we see how Blizzcon continues to evolve under its new leadership and what that means for our future fan focused pre Blizzcon event.

Below are just a handful of our challenges we ran up against:
1. Late announcement of Blizzcon put logistical timelines of fundraising, acquiring items, receiving funds and then paying vendors appropriately unrealistic, this left little time to planning the event (reminder the organizers do this as a side project, this is not our full time job).
2. Several vendors we used in the past, sadly didn't make it through the pandemic and we had to search for new vendors, which required getting quotes for items, services, etc.
3. Receiving total costs to help determine funding targets took too long from several new vendors, some haven't even responded to our inquiries.
4. The company we worked with to handle tax and legal matters has been unresponsive, so working to figure out those ramifications (taxes, legal responsibility, etc) ourselves has been challenging on next steps.  Creating a new entity would also delay fundraising as it would require creating a new legal/tax entity, creating new business accounts, etc.  These entities would then need to be vetted by fundraising orgs (i.e. Kickstarter).

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  • Is Con Before the Storm Free?
    Yes! Everyone gets in for free. As a backer who helped make the party possible, we’re sending all sorts of goodies your way on top of throwing an awesome event.
  • CBTS says featuring World of Podcasts, what is that?"
    In 2013, friends and podcasters Ben, Ginger, Dave (The Sundering), Heather (The Sundering) and Brandon joined together to create “World of Podcasts”, an event that brought together about 300 attendees. Since then, the event has grown and has joined forces with Con Before the Storm. World of Podcasts presence facilitates for the live showcasing of talented podcasters, content creators, and community personalities.
  • Where and When is the Event?
    Con Before the Storm ft. World of Podcasts will be Thursday October 31st, 2019. Official start time is 5pm PT. At 5pm PT, we will open up the Art Gallery, Community Vendors and World of Podcasts to all, at 6pm we will begin our Meet & Greet! CBTS will be located at the Anaheim Hilton, right next to the Anaheim Convention Center. This year we will be on the 2nd floor, in the California Ballroom!
  • Are there long lines?
    Some lines are inevitable especially with popular community personalities at the Meet & Greet, but year after year we do our best to eliminate as many bottlenecks as possible and keep the party flowing smoothly
  • How do you get a piece of art from the Art Gallery?
    We have taken a lot of feedback and looked into online options! While we had several reward tiers in our Kickstarter that get to pre-select their pieces of art and we will reserve it and set it aside for those kickstarter backers. Currently you can enter our online raffle (Coming Soon)
  • Does your party conflict with the Blizzard Activities?
    There is some overlap, our party plans to run from 5-midnight. The outdoor festivities by Blizzard plan to end by 5, the Darkmoon Faire is only open until 8, and typically the Benefit dinner usually lets out around 9-ish from years past, and have had other benefit dinner attendees also able to come by our event as well
  • Wait, Is this the Wowhead Party? Is there a separate Wowhead Party?"
    Sort of. In years past, Con Before the Storm and Wowhead have been separately managed Blizzcon community events that ocurred on the same night and roughly the same time. This year, we are pooling our resources together to create a single Blizzcon community event, unlike anyone has seen before! There will not be any separate events! This is it, the super mega community event to end all other community events at Blizzcon!
  • How do I spin the Prize Wheel?
    This year, as a benefit of supporting our Kickstarter, only Kickstarter backers will be able to spin the prize wheel. Though there are tons of other cool things, like Photobooth, check out our panels, Meet and Greet, you never know what cool things may be given out at random!
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