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We are sad to announce we will not be having a live CBTS event at Blizzcon 2023. Unfortunately there were too many logistical obstacles to overcome. We have exhausted our resources before coming to this decision.

We had several folks reach out offering to volunteer and we appreciate that, and volunteers was never an issue to executing this fan focused event and thats because of the awesome community.  

We will look into what we can do potentially virtually in 2023, and will look toward future years as we see how Blizzcon continues to evolve under its new leadership and what that means for our future fan focused pre Blizzcon event.

Below are just a handful of our challenges we ran up against:
1. Late announcement of Blizzcon put logistical timelines of fundraising, acquiring items, receiving funds and then paying vendors appropriately unrealistic, this left little time to planning the event (reminder the organizers do this as a side project, this is not our full time job).
2. Several vendors we used in the past, sadly didn't make it through the pandemic and we had to search for new vendors, which required getting quotes for items, services, etc.
3. Receiving total costs to help determine funding targets took too long from several new vendors, some haven't even responded to our inquiries.
4. The company we worked with to handle tax and legal matters has been unresponsive, so working to figure out those ramifications (taxes, legal responsibility, etc) ourselves has been challenging on next steps.  Creating a new entity would also delay fundraising as it would require creating a new legal/tax entity, creating new business accounts, etc.  These entities would then need to be vetted by fundraising orgs (i.e. Kickstarter).

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